Effective from 01/01/2018 – Importers of fresh fruit and vegetables should be aware of the following :

The EU Directive 2017/1279 directive amends the EU Plant Health Directive 2000/29/EC  and its aim is to stop harmful diseases spreading. This affects all importers of Tomatoes and Pomegranates from all third countries. It includes Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the French Overseas Departments.


Key Actions:

  • Shipments will require a phytosanitary certificate to be registered on the PEACH system.
  • Importer and Freight Forwarder/Clearing Agent must be linked through PEACH for customs clearance.
    • The PEACH Help Desk state an email confirming this action is needed.


This applies to all shipments arriving into the UK at any port or border. Following the guidance, prior to the new year, should mean a smoother transition over to the new process and allow for any issues be dealt with before it becomes a problem. We are registered on PEACH and in a position to assist with any clearances of this nature.

Please contact us via our enquiry form or email directly on enquiries@seaavia.co.uk